A harden warrior estranged from his House.


Born Noble>Page>Man-at-Arms>Sergeant-at-Arms
Age 28 Gender Male

Will 4 Perception 3
Power 5 Forte 4 Agility 6 Speed 3
Mortal wound 10 reflexes 4 Health 3 Steel 4 Hesitation 6 Stride 7 Circles 2 Resources 1

Mark of Privilege, Your Grace, Your Lordship, Overworked

Armor Training, mounted Combat Training, Shield training, Axe 2, Brawling 3, Etiquette 1, Field Dressing 1, Hammer 3, Heraldry , Instruction 2, Intimidation 2, Knives 3, Mace 2, Man-wise 2, Read 1, Riding 2, Servant-wise 1, Sword 4, Write 2

This Town will not be my grave, even if I have to train every last one of them to fight.
My new family is very important to me, I would do anything to protect them.
My Houses involvement with the Horde must be discovered so that I get to Hurt my House.

Always answer insult with injury
Always let my interest be known
Never go unarmed

Villa, Shoes, Traveling Gear, Clothes, Personal effects, Armor Light Mail(run of the mill), Arms(run of the mill),

Kale Darrin(Minor, Romantic)
Duke de Ferrione(Significant, Father, Hateful)
House de Ferrione(2D)



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