Fea Altier 'Al'

Elven prince turned to a vagabond bard.


Stock: Elf
Age: 132
Gender: Male

Lifepaths: Born Etharch > Song Singer > Bard

1. Something is amiss, I will reveal the truth behind the horde.
2. I should mend my relationship with Cat, things have been tense.
3. I have this sword, I should really make an effort to use it.

1. Always have a song ready.
2. Never turn down a proposition.
3. If a person in power shows interest, seduce the shit out of them.

Born Under the Silver Stars, Essence of the Earth, Fair and Statuesque, First Born, Grief, Keen Sight, Etharchal, Fea, Vocal, Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Gear: Run of the Mill Bow, Elven Shoes, Traveling Gear, Elven Clothes, Elven Lyre, Fea Ring, Gambeson, Poor Quality Sword

•Matriarch Mylssa , significant, hateful
•Queen Fea Lysera, minor, aunt, hateful
•Cale, significant, romantic



Will : B6
Perception: B6
Power: B4
Forte: B4
Agility: B4
Speed: B4

Mortal Wound: B10
Reflexes: B4
Health: B6
Steel: B4
Hesitation: 4
Grief: 4
Stride: 8
Circles: B3
Resources: B0

Elven Script: B3
Etiquette: B3
Sing: B3
Song of Songs: B3
Song of Soothing: B3
Lament of the Westering Sun: B3
Oratory: B3
Song of Merriment: B3
Lament of Mourning: B3
Verse of Friendship: B3
Tract of Enmity: B3
Conspicuous: B3
Lyre: B2
Persuasion: B3
Seduction: B3
Lyric of Healing: B3
Stealthy: B2


Fea Altier 'Al'

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