Alessandra de Fiore

A priestess of the Laetist Church.


Stock: Man
Age: 25
Gender: Female

Lifepaths: Born Noble > Page > Religious Acolyte > Priest


  1. The Goddess loves us; She will slow the advance of the horde.
  2. Gronk is not the only one who hates our father; we must nurture allies within the house.
  3. House Morne are rivals, but not traitors; I can use the church to understand their motives.


  1. Always pray for a boon before conflict.
  2. Always respond to challenges with scripture.
  3. Always tell Gronk the truth.

Drop-dead Gorgeous, character
Faithful, die
Idealistic, character
Mark of Privilege, die
Tonsured, die
Vested, die

Gear: Run of the mill Sword, Clothes, Shoes, Companion Animal


  • Duke Fernando de Fiore, significant, immediate family, hateful
  • Duchess Sara san Salvo de Fiore, significant, immediate family
  • General Pietro Paolini, minor, romantic, forbidden

The Laetist Church, 2d, regional
House Ferrione, 1d, local

Head Priestess of the Santa Rebekah Cathedral, 1d local

Fate: 10
Persona: 1

Will : B6 — Artha: F 0/20, P 2/10, D 0/5
Perception: B3 — Artha: F 1/20, P 1/10, D 0/5
Power: B2 — Tests: D 1/1 & C 0/1
Forte: B3
Agility: B6
Speed: B6

Mortal Wound: B8
Reflexes: B5
Health: B5
Steel: B6
Hesitation: 4
Stride: 7
Circles: B3
Resources: B2
Faith: B6

Bureaucracy: B3
Church Law: B1
Doctrine: B1
Etiquette: B2
Faith-wise: B1
Meditation: B3
Oratory: B5
Philosophy: B2
Read: B3
Religious History: B2
Riding: B3
Ritual: B2
Suasion: B4 — Tests: R 1/4 & (D 0/2 or C 0/1)
Survival: B2
Sword: B4 — Tests: R 1/4 & (D 0/2 or C 0/1)
Symbology: B1
Write: B3

Beginner’s Luck:
Intimidation: 1/4
Rhetoric: 1/7
Persuasion: 1/4


Alessandra de Fiore

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