You Can’t Get A Fucking Break

Your group of ruffians and barbarian sellswords, adventures for hire, are flush with cash from a particularly lucrative job. You stop in a small-town pub for a drink or five and wind up getting way, way more drunk than you’d ever intended. When you regain consciousness, you’re locked up in the town’s jail. The elders fill you in on all the shit you broke while black-out drunk, and let you know that you can either rebuild what you destroyed, or rot in jail. While you learn a few things about construction and carpentry, a messenger brings word of an advancing group of bandits and raiders plundering the mostly helpless villages in the area. The elders are like, “We hate you and you suck but…you’re kind of the only people we have uniquely qualified to deal with this. Help drive them off, and you can go free.”

On The Wheel of Fire

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