Luther Tamil

A blackmailer that wants to get away from his master.


Belief #1: Valeri has connections with the Brotherhood. I must discover them.
Belief #2: Gronk has proved himself deadly in combat. I will use any means necessary to convince to train my future gang.
Belief #3: I will take steps in starting my own crime syndicate.

Instinct: Always look for the exits.
Instinct: Threats to my friends are threats to me.
Instinct: When threatened intimidate.

Lifepath #1 City Born
Lifepath #2 Criminal
Lifepath #3 Whoremonger
Lifepath #4 Blackmailer

Character Traits:

Die Traits:
Cold Hearted

Call-On Traits:
Poker Face
Aura Of Innocence

Will: B4
Perception: B5
Power: B4
Forte: B3
Agility: B4
Speed: B4

Health: B4
Steel: B4
Reflexes: B4
Mortal Wound: B9


Luther Tamil

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