City Born=>Criminal=>Thug=>Confidence Man


Age: 27

Belief #1: With my skills and Alex’s name, we can stop the horde from the inside; I will con our way in once we find it.
Belief #2: This was no horde and it’s not right that the city civilians are here; I will get to the bottom of this.
Belief #3: Vargas was responsible for my brother’s death; the first step in extracting revenge is to secure us a new home base out of his reach.

Instinct: Always keep track of Gronk
Instinct:Always walk away when insulted
Instinct: Always have a knife at hand

Lifepath #1 Born City
Lifepath #2 Criminal
Lifepath #3 Thug
Lifepath #4 Confidence Man

Character Traits

Die Traits
Cold Blooded

Call On
Aura of Innocence- C/O for Inconspicuous and Falsehood
Sonorous Voice- C/O for Seduction, Persuasion, and Suasion

Will: B4
Perception: B4
Power: B4
Forte: B3
Agility: B4
Speed: B4

Health: B3
Steel: B4
Reflexes: B4
Mortal Wound: B9

Reputation: Vargas Crime Syndicate Brusier & Con-Man (1D)
Affiliation (1D): Vargas Crime Syndicate
Relationship: Antony Vargas, Hostile

Gears, Possessions and Property
Clothes, Shoes, Traveling gear, Sword, Knives

Brawling: B4
Conspicuous: B2
Climbing: B2
Disguise: B2
Falsehood: B2
Intimidation: B2
Inconspicuous: B3
Knives: B4
Streetwise: B2
Persuasion: B4
Observation: B2


El and her brother, Nicola, were orphans in White Hill that took up work with Vargas to live. Nicola was never cut out for the life of a criminal and was eventually murdered by Antony Vargas for some indiscretion. Eleonora has spent the last few years getting as close as possible to Vargas with the intention of bringing Vargas himself, and his whole syndicate, to task for her brother’s murder.


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