On The Wheel of Fire

On the Wheel of Fire: Session 1

The characters spotted a camp hidden in the hollow of some rocky hills. Alessandra opted to simply walk into the enemy camp, with Catherine and Gronk in tow. Meanwhile, Altier and Luther snuck around the camp to get a better vantage point (successful Ob 1 Stealthy test).

The people in camp intended to rob the three interlopers, inviting them to share their food before yanking Alessandra’s holy book from her hands, prompting a violent reaction from Gronk and Cat. The former lunged forward sword-first, while the latter threw her game hen in the face of one of the raiders before joining the battle. Alessandra prayed for the Goddess to strengthen Gronk’s sword arm (Ob 2 Faith – success), then drew steel and joined in. Luther, meanwhile, rushed down to help with the battle, while Altier stayed hidden above.

There was no contest. The raiders landed glancing blows against the party, but they were devastated by Gronk’s ferocity. All six of them were cut down, not quite dead, but not long for this world (Bloody Versus, Ob 4 test, enemy wound up with B8 wounds). When the fight was over, Cat moved to start putting the poor slobs out of their misery, but Alessandra wasn’t going to let her. They danced around the dying a few times before Cat shoved the priestess to the ground, despite her prayer for the strength to stand against the warrior (Successful Ob 2 Faith test, followed by a Power (3s) vs Power (1s) test). Luther started to get between the two of them, but the conflict was over by this point.

Gronk, meanwhile, decapitated the young lady who stole his sister’s Book. He and Al attempted to stop the bleeding of one of the enemy, so that they could question him, but, despite the use of Elvish magic, there wasn’t anything that could be done. Alessandra called for her Goddess to bestow healing on the remaining dying person to no avail. The deity’s answer was to pour rain down on the blood-soaked earth (failed Ob 5 Faith test).

During this, Luther and Cat heard the unmistakable sound of approaching footprints (successful Ob 4 Perception). Cat urged the group to collect the iron-bound lockbox that they found in the raiders’ camp and run for a hiding place. They tried, but Gronk wasn’t quite fast enough, and the newcomers spotted the party as Cat was passing the lockbox to Al so that she could aid Gronk.

“That’s our property!” the new folk, who appeared to hail from Mirkwell.

Cat informed them that they were entitled to the loot they found from stopping the unstoppable horde.

“Oh, my dear,” the man in charge responded. “You have gotten yourself in over your head.”


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